About Us

ASPN Solutions was designed by the inventors of Altvest, the first internet hedge fund database and analytic technology which are now products of Morningstar and MSCI. The original product was developed to meet the internal needs of Protégé Partners, a global specialist in small and emerging hedge funds. It has since evolved to serve Endowments, Family Offices, Foundations & Public Plans.


Our vision is inspired by the Aspen Grove, an interconnected forest of over 47,000 Aspen trees and one of the largest organisms in the world.1

The Aspen does not propagate from seedlings; rather, it grows by means of its vast interconnected root system.

This network of roots may spread for many miles beneath the surface, sending forth new trees which blossom from the ground.

The individual Aspen may live for well over one hundred years, never losing its connection to the underlying root system, which lives for thousands of years. While the Aspen provides such stunning colors of silver and gold, it’s true interconnected beauty lies beneath the surface.

ASPN has created the solution for investors to have a sophisticated technology platform that keeps them connected all beneath the surface at the same time.

1 Rich Wolf, “Ancient Quaking Aspen Clones”, Huffington Post, November 14, 2009



  • Jeffrey Tarrant

    Jeffrey Tarrant